Allmand, Frank 7.jul.1858-8.oct.1948 Wales, Wrexham - England, Liverpool
miller, amateur musician, hymn tune composer, born at 1858 High Street, 1870 residing at 8 Hope Street in Wrexham, 1880 at Park Lodge Rhosddu Road, 1890-1900 as flour/corn miller with wife, 2 children and 2 servants at 23 Chester Street, 1910 as corn miller at The Bungalow in Bwlchgwyn near Wrexham, after his mill burnt down he became corn and flour dealer, to better his income he bred large white pigs with success, gaining championships at the 'Bath and West' and many other prizes but financially he kept struggling against misfortune, at time of death residing at 12 Maryland Street in Liverpool ; son of wine merchant/grocer/corn miller John Allmand (England Cheshire, Broxton 1818-15.apr.1887 Wrexham) and dealer in fancy goods Elizabeth Parry (Wrexham 1815-1882 Wrexham) ; 1884 in Wrexham he married Mary Eleanor Thomas (Wrexham 1860-28.dec.1952 London Hendon) ; son university professor of chemistry Arthur John Allmand (Wrexham 1885-4.aug.1951 London Marylebone)

Title Parts

[] Five hymn tunes. Composed for the worship at Chester Street Congregational Church, Wrexham. 1903
[] Five hymns. 1905 [] 1 - Hymn. words F. W. Faber
[] 2 - Hymn. words J. S. Blackie
[] 3 - Hymn. words E. P. Hood
[] 4 - Hymn. words F. R. Havergal
[] 5 - Hymn. words S. Williams
[] Hymn tune Litania
to the hymn 215 Contrition "Because I knew not when my life was good"
from Worship Song, with accompanying tunes. W. Garrett Horder
pub Novello & Co. London 1905

[] Hymn tune Camelot
to the hymn Angels holy, high and lowly
in the Congregational Hymnary, 1916

[] Father eternal. Mixed voices
words Laurence Housman
pub Oxford University Press, London 26dec1940

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