Allum, Grace 'Greta' Ina 1.apr.1880-25.jul.1965 Scotland, Stirling St Ninians - USA Illinois, Chicago Wheaton
singer, pianist, actress, 1896 Miss Greta Allum a young lady of only 15 years of age showing a distinct talent in her effective and sweetly setting of Sae far awa', 1898 she won first prize for a musical composition in a competition organized by the People's Journal Stirling, 19.oct.1900 as pianist she performed before one of the largest audience ever seen at a recital in Stirling, 1901 residing with her parents, 3 siblings and 4 servants at 10 Glebe Crescent in Stirling, 14.sep.1901 the family emigrated to the USA, 1910 as music teacher residing with her parents, 3 siblings and 0 servants at 1233 Pratt Avenue in Chicago, 1919-1930 as musician residing with her widowed mother and a sister at 406 Gary Avenue in Wheaton, 11.jun.1919 she became naturalized american, 6.sep.1930 she returned with her mother and sister from Southampton England to Wheaton, 10.jun.1949 the Wheaton Garden Clubs made a garden tour, among them an example of the old fashioned garden at the picturesque and more than 100 years old home of Miss Greta Allum ; daughter of composer Charles Edward Allum and Thomasina Maxwell (Scotland, Kirkhill 20.jun.1853-) ; she never married

Title Parts

[] Sae far awa'. Song
words by Burns
pub Wickins & Co., London 1896

[] Welcome home. March. Piano
dedicated to the heroes of the South African War
performed by Miss Greta Allum at the Albert Place Halls in Stirling 19oct1900

[] Goldregen. An idyl of Spring. For the piano
pub J. Church Co., Cincinnati 1903

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