Allwood, Frederick William 20.feb.1846-21.nov.1903 England, Birmingham - London Brixton
born at 7 Easy Row, 1851 residing with his parents, 3 siblings and a servant at 125 Crown Street in Aberdeen Old Machar, 1861 aged 15 as musician residing with his parents and 4 siblings at 114 Dumbarton Road in Glasgow Barony, 1881-1882 as music teacher residing with wife and 4 children at 161 New City Road and 296 Buchanan Street in Glasgow, 1891 as musician residing with wife (actress) and 4 children (all actor/actress aged 12 to 16) at 42 Pentonville Road in London Clerkenwell, 1900-1901 as professor of music residing with wife at 39 Mayflower Road in London Stockwell and 2 Melbourne Square in Lambeth, at time of death residing at 19 Loughborough Road in Brixton ; son of composer Thomas H Allwood and music teacher Margaret Ann Laidlaw (Coventry 26.jun.1822-) ; 7.apr.1874 in Glasgow he married actress Charlotte Dye (Sheffield 1855-)

Title Parts

[] Let England guard her laurels. National song. Voice and piano with chorus
words F. C. Harcourt
pub Samuel Brewer, London 1877

[] Reverie pour piano
pub Leeds 1878

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