Allwood, Thomas Henry 28.dec.1821-23.sep.1865 England, London Southwark - Yorkshire, Sheffield
violinst, conductor, 27.apr.1823 baptized at Christ Church in Southwark and residing at Charles Street, 1847 residing as musician at 17 Walcot Square in London Lambeth, 1851 as professor of music with family and servant residing at 125 Crown Street in Aberdeen, 1861-1863 as professor of music and violinist residing at 114 Dumbarton Road in Glasgow, for several years conductor at the Prince of Wales Theatre (Grand Theatre) in Glasgow, he died aged 44 at Souths Music Hall in Sheffield ; son of attorney's clerk Thomas Eleazer Allwood ; 2.jan.1844 at Manchester Cathedral he married music teacher Margaret Ann Laidlaw (Coventry 26.jun.1822-) ; son composer Frederick William

Title Parts

[] Te Deum laudamus in D
pub Weekes & Co., London 1903

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