Almaine, Ernest d' 1847-19?? England, London Southwark - ?, ?
music hall and theatre tenor singer 'of Tyneside', 1887 member of the Livermore Brothers' Original Court Minstrels in South Shields, 1891 as artist with his 14 year old son James as artists' assistent boarding in Huddersfield Yorkshire, 28.nov.1892 he performed a week at the Empire in Newport, 1895 member of the Champion Variety Company London, 21.feb.1896 he performed at St James's Hall in Plymouth, 25.sep.1896 he performed a week at the Empire in Newport, 23.apr.1900 he performed a week at the Empire Palace in Portsmouth, 1910-1916 member of the The Terriers London, 18.dec.1922 he toured with Daly's Company 'grandfather who is still acting on the stage and singing almost well as ever he did', 7.feb.1929 at an entertainment in London 'a sturdy tenor of 82 years contributed well-applauded items during the evening', still living 1937 ; 1909 he had collected donations for the Music Hall Home Fund (for the shelter of variety professionals stricken with poverty or illness) from himself and his family members Mrs. Ernest D'Almaine, James D'Almaine, Charles D'Almaine, Ada D'Almaine, Amy D'Almaine, Lily D'Almaine, Rose D'Almaine, Charles Dare, Dan O'Connor, Gus Daniels, George Snow, George Richens, E. Kay

Title Parts

[] The midshipman "In the days of England's struggle for the empire of the sea". Voice and piano
composed and sung by Ernest D'Almaine
words Sidney Middleton
pub Francis, Day & Hunter, London 1893

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