Almassy, Robert von 6.apr.1904-19?? Austria, Vienna - ?, ?
bass opera singer, Almasy is usually a more common spelling of the family name and originates from Hungary, he studied at the Vokalschule and Realschule in Vienna, 1923-1925 and 1927-1928 studied singing with Amanda Engelhardt and 1926-1927 with Otto Iro (1890-1971) in Vienna, 1925-1926 opera singer at the Stadttheater in Troppau Austria (now Opava Czechoslovakia), 1929 residing at Gentzgasse 148/6 in Vienna XVIII, 1932-1939 he seems to have composed for and collaborated with the male quartet Die Humoreskimos in Vienna ; son of prokurist Heinrich von Almassy (8.jul.1862-) and Emilie Kammel (21.nov.1863-)

Title Parts

[] Piano sonata
[] Sonata. Violin and piano
[] Sonata. Cello and piano
[] Mutter. Song cycle
[] Renatos gesang. Song cycle
[] Vendetta. Opera
[] Der beiden freier. Opera
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