Almeyda, Manuel de 1646-c1716 Ecuador, Quito - Quito
priest, 18.mar.1664 aged 17 he entered Convento Maximo of the Franciscan order, 7.apr.1664 ordained priest, graduated with a doctor's degree at Real Universidad de Santo Tomas de Aquino in Quito, he occupied various religious dignities like Visitador General de la Provincia, 1698 definitor, 1701-1704 guardian of Convento San Diego, until 1707 guardian of Convento Maximum, 15.oct.1707 master of novices, 1713-1716 guardian of Convento San Diego, with his knowledge of architecture he was entrusted the construction of Convento Maximo and Convento San Diego, the legend says he initially lived a bohemian life but died with a reputation for sanctity at convento Recoleta de San Diego in Quito

Title Parts

[] Dulce Jesus mio. Villancico
attributed to Manuel de Almeyda

[] Via Crucis
? words only

[] Novenario para Navidad
? words only

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