Almouhian, Jean 6.oct.1931- armenian born Greece, ?
choral conductor, 1947 emigrated to Argentina Buenos Aires, studied music with Emilio Sampietro, Carlos Tuxen Bang, Pedro Valenti Costa, Alberto Ginastera and Roberto Kinsky, 1956 finished his study in choral conducting with Pedro Valenti Costa, 1957 founder and conductor of Coro Arax in Buenos Aires, 1960-2004 made many visits to Armenia, the Middle East and New York City to conduct, teach and research ethnic music in Armenia, 2007 still conducting Coro Arax in Buenos Aires, 6.oct.2012 a tribute took place on his 80th birthday and his 55 year career

Title Parts

[] Movimento sinfonico. Orchestra
[] Sonata. Clarinet and piano
[] Zartonk (Awakening). Cantata
[] Misa polifonica de Magar Egmalian
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