Alno, Roberto 1896-1968 Italy, Ivrea - Piverone
clarinetist, bandmaster, studied agriculture at the prestigious Bonafuos College in Turin, at the same time studied clarinet at Istituto Musicale in Turin (now Conservatorio G. Verdi), in WWI he was sent to the front in the Monte Piana area, during an attack he was hit in the leg by an expanding bullet (dum-dum), he survived a severe bleeding but at the high price of partially losing the functionality of the injured leg which forced him to walk for life with walking sticks, from the 1930-ties to the 1950-ties bandmaster of Societa Filarmonica Piveronese, 1946 bandmaster of Banda Unione (now Filarmonica) di Cavaglia ; shortly after the end of WWI (1919) he married Orsola Orione (25.may.1897-1.sep.1987 Piverone)

Title Parts

[] Monte Piana. Marcia militare. Band
dedication : alla moglie Orsola Alno Orione
pub Tito Belati, Ponte San Giovanni, Perugia 1924 reprinted 1929

[] Manciuria. Marcia sinfonico orientale
pub Ed. Sabauda, Turin 1933

[] Cuore tzigano. Tango. Orchestrina
pub Casa Edit. Mus. Joly, Milan 1933

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