Alonso Ruiz, Nicolas ?1846-f1880 Spain, ?Valladolid - ?, ?
pianist, 31.dec.1864 registered as member of Asociacion de Credito Mutuo in Valladolid, 1879-1880 living in Valladolid, after 10.jul.1879 as pianist and composer he took part in a composition contest organized by Gazzetta Musicale di Firenze in Florence Italy, he was congratulated with his composition but the prize won was not mentioned, 1880 residing at plazuela de Portugalete 1 in Valladolid, 26.feb.1880 he won a third prize at a composition contest organized by Cronica de la Musica Madrid, he may have been the 45 year old physician who on 13.aug.1891 resided at calle de San Bernardo 66 in Madrid, while his brother the 40 year old physician Francisco Alonso Ruiz resided at calle Villalar 3 in Madrid

Title Parts

[] Nocturne. Lento assai en mi bemol mayor. Piano
published in Cronica de la Musica numero 39, Madrid 10jul1879
bibliographical article about the work by the composer and reviewed in Gazzetta Musicale di Firenze after 10jul1879

[] Fantasia sobre motivos espanoles. Piano
winner of a third prize in a composition contest by Cronica de la Musica Madrid
results were given in Cronica de la Musica numero 75, Madrid 26feb1880

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