Alphin, Albert jr. 5.dec.1900-12.sep.1973 USA North Carolina Duplin, Wolfscrape - Massachusetts, Boston Newton
pianist, organist, conductor, 1916 graduated from Washington Academy in North Carolina, 1920-1924 studied piano with George Vieh and Hans Ebell, organ with Merton Frye, composition with O Straub and conducting with Agide Jacchia at Boston Conservatory, 1924-1927 taught at Boston Conservatory, 1927-1928 conductor of the choir of the Greek Cathedral in Boston, 1927-1930 producer of radio programs in Boston, 1927 founded the Associated Studios of Music in Boston which merged with Boston Conservatory in 1933, 1941-1967 director of Boston Conservatory, 1942-1943 he served in the Army and conducted the 301st Coast Artillery Corps Overseas Chorus, 1949 he constructed an auditorium and recital hall, 1940-1950 residing at 26 Fenway Street Boston ; son of farmer Albert Alphin sr. (Duplin, Albertson 7.may.1851-19.jun.1927 Wolfscrape) and Sarah 'Sadie' Sasser (Wolfscrape 9.sep.1862-14.jun.1935 Wolfscrape) ; 15.aug.1944 he married music teacher Katherine M Shepherd (Boston 22.sep.1914-28.jun.1991 Newton)

Title Parts

[] Moonlight shadows. Piano
copyright Albert Alphin jr., Mount Olive, North Carolina 24mar1920

[] (details unknown). unpublished instrumental and vocal compositions and arrangements which have been performed before 1950
[] Twenty seven chorales
each chorale appears in two keys, first in the original key and second, transposed to the key A major or minor third above.
music Johann Sebastian Bach, transposed by Albert Alphin and Aurelio Greselin for practical training in transposition by clef.
pub Boston Conservatory of Music, Boston Massachusetts 17mar1955

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