Alquen, Franz (Francois) (Francis) Adam Maria d' 27.apr.1804-28.aug.1877 Germany, Seligenstadt - England Sussex, Brighton
pianist, professor of music, 27.apr.1804 on the day of his birth baptized as Franciscus Adamus Maria, 1808 residing in Arnsberg Westfalen, was destined by his parents to become lawyer, but disbandoned his study of law because of his passionate love for music, 1824 to follow his inclination he studied piano with Ferdinand Ries in Godesberg and acquired a distinguished mastery on the piano, 1827 settled as piano teacher in Brussel Belgium, 1830 on the outbreak of the Revolution he emigrated to England, 1838-1840 residing at 6 Camden Terrace in London, 1841 at 10 Kensington Street in London, 1842 at 45 Temple Street, Norfolk Square in Brighton, 16.aug.1845 he arrived from Ostend at London from an 8 week visit to Arnsberg, he made many more summer visits to Arnsberg and his sisters Josephine and Caroline spent even years with him in Brighton, 1851 until death residing at 8 Montpelier Terrace in Brighton ; brother of composers Johann and Friedrich ; 24.jan.1832 at the Roman Catholic church in Arnsberg he married Helen Mathilde Ida Beatrice Maria 'Matilda' Mues (Westfalen 1809-1893 Brighton) ; son composer Frank (London St Pancras 29.aug.1838-), son Henry Willibald Jessy (Sussex, Hove 24.oct.1840-1917 Brighton), dau Matilda Ida (Brighton bap.24.jan.1844-1925 Brighton), dau teacher of music Louise Emily Helena (Brighton 1847 bap.5.jul.1848-), son Ferdinand (Brighton bap.5.jul.1850-1893 Sussex, Lewes)

[Fetis 1860 gives the life course correctly for Johann and Franz]
[Baker 1919 and Grove 1948 confuse the life courses of Friedrich and Franz]

Title Parts

[] Alpenroschen. Song
mentioned in the diary of his sister Josephine 15aug1823

[] Kriegers abschied. Song
mentioned in the diary of his sister Josephine 15aug1823

[] Sechs Valses briliant (Six Walses brillantes). Piano. op3
pub Hofmeister, Leipzig 1831 ; Johanning & Whatmore, London 1831

[] Souvenir du Champ de Bataille de Waterloo, ou Fantaisie et grandes variations sur un theme original. Piano. op7
pub Hofmeister, Leipzig 1831

[] Introduction et variations briliant sur le theme Le Garcon Suisse. Piano. op8
pub Hofmeister, Leipzig c1830 ; Johanning & Whatmore, London c1830

[] Grande fantaisie sur le theme ecossais "O! Logie O'Buchan". Piano. op9
pub Hofmeister, Leipzig 1831

[] La Reconnoissance. Introduction et rondeau brillant. Piano. op11
dedication: compose et dedie a son pere, Conseiller d'etat de S. M. du Roi de Prusse par Fr. Maria d'Alquen
pub Johanning & Whatmore, London 1831/1835

[] Introduction and brilliant variations on a Westphalian air, concertante for piano forte and flute. op12
pub Cocks & Co., London c1860

[] L'elegant. Rondeau brillant pour le piano forte. op13
dedication: compose et dedie au Dr. D'Alquen par son frere F. M. d'Alquen
pub W. H. Aldridge, London 1831/1840
pub Ewer & Co., London c1860

[] Introduction et rondeau brillant pour le piano forte. op16
pub Dale, Cockerill & Co., London c1860

[] Divertimento grazioso (dans le style du ballet), pour le piano forte. op17
dedication: Dedie a sa cousine Madame la Comtesse Ida de Bocarme, nee Marquise de Chasteler par F. M. d'Alquen
pub W. H. Aldridge, London 1831/1840

[] May morning. Song. With flute obbligato
words Holty, translated by Sforza english and german
pub Johanning & Co., London c1835

[] Gesellschaftslied. 4vv Male choir. c1837
[] Trio in C. 1849
pub Robert Cocks & Co., London 1850
pub Leonard & Co., London
[] 1 - Lento, allegro moderato
[] 2 - Andante cantabile
[] 3 - Scherzo. Allegro
[] 4 - Allegro grazioso
[] Cantilena affettuosa, pour le piano-forte
pub Chester, Brighton c1850

[] Scherzo giojante in E flat. Piano
pub Wood, London c1850

[] Supplication, a sacred melody for the pianoforte
pub Augener, London c1850

[] Meditation sur "La Grace", etude de Charles Mayer. Violin or cello and piano
pub Edwin Ashdown, London 1859

[] Sinfonie. performed Brighton 1860
actually composed and issued anonymously by his brother Johann

[] Minuetto sentimentale. Piano
pub Chester, Brighton c1860

[] Ada, a christmas ballad. Piano
pub Augener, London c1860

[] Wild flowers. 6 Characteristic pieces for the pianoforte
pub Augener, London c1860
[] 2 - Lonicera caprifolium "Goat's leaf honeysuckle"
[] Wiegenlied (Cradle song), fur das Piano Forte
pub Augener, London c1860

[] La belle capricieuse. Grand valse fantastique pour le piano forte
pub Duff & Hodgson, London c1860

[] La belle gracieuse. Valse brillante pour le piano forte
pub Wessell, London c1860

[] Scherzo in c. Piano. London 1870
[] Joy on the Rhine (Rhein lust). Grand waltz for the pianoforte. London 1870
[] Ein Morgen- und ein Abendstandchen, am Rhein 1870, componirt fur das Pianoforte. London 1870
[] Fruhlings gedanken (Spring thoughts). Second impromptu for the Pianoforte. Brighton 1876
[] Alone. Song
words Z. O. E.
pub Wood & Co., London 1878

[] Preludio e fuga in re. Piano. Brighton 1879
[] Piano concerto no1
published in England [Fetis]

[] Piano concerto no2
published in England [Fetis]

[] Piano sonata no1
published in England [Fetis]

[] Piano sonata no2
published in England [Fetis]

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