Alquen, Arnold Friedrich (Frederic) (Frederick) 'Fritz' Engelbert d' 31.oct.1809-18.jun.1887 Germany Westfalen, Arnsberg - England, London Fulham
pianist, violinist, cellist, professor of music, MD Doctor of Medicine, 31.oct.1809 on the day of his birth baptized as Friederich Arnold at the Roman Catholic church in Arnsberg, 1828-1832 studied law and medicine in Wurzburg and Bonn, 1831-1834 assistant judge at the court in Arnsberg, 1834 he was involved in choral concerts in Arnsberg and received laudable recognition for the performance of the most beautiful polyphonic singing, 1835 he lost his job as a judge because he was sentenced to 15 years in prison on charge of high treason to the fatherland during the July Revolution 1830, due to a lung disease he was released after 14 months and spent his time further idly at home without any prospect of future, 18.apr.1838 as a last resort he begged the King of Prussia for permission to emigrate to England which was finally granted 12.jul.1839, 24.jul.1839 he emigrated to England where he boarded with his brother Franz in London and took up his study medicine and made a living as piano teacher, 8.dec.1840 doing financially well residing at his own home 59 Devonshire Street in London Marylebone and 1841 already active as practising physician, summer 1843 he made his first visit to his family in Arnsberg, 1845 residing at 75 Regent Street in London Soho, 5.sep.1848 he applied for amnesty to the Prussian Minister of Interior which was granted April 1849 but he refrained from becoming Prussian again fearing another revolution in Germany, 1846-1869 residing at 4 Ovington Terrace in London Knightsbridge, 1848-1856 as MD Doctor of Medicine, 1860-1870 as professor of music living with his future wife Fanny as housemaid and her sister Ellen as cook, 1870 until death as professor of music residing at 45 Walham Grove in London Fulham, he became friends with Giulio Regondi and transcribed several of his solo guitar and concertina compositions for piano ; brother of composers Johann and Franz ; 9.mar.1846 at St James in London Westminster he married the 22 year old singer/pianist Elizabeth 'Betty' Moyes (1823-1853 London) who suffered from hysteria and died from consumption ; son Frederick Hermann (London Knightsbridge aug.1846-feb.1850 Knightsbridge) ; daughter Helena Elizabeth Frederica (Knightsbridge 9.jul.1847-11.aug.1848 Arnsberg, on the day of her baptism), son Frederick (Knightsbridge 20.oct.1849-feb.1850 Knightsbridge), daughter Ida Josephine Isabella (Knightsbridge may.1850-oct.1850 Knightsbridge), daughter Ida Josephine (Knightsbridge 19.mar.1851-nov.1851 Knightsbridge) ; May 1871 in London Kensington he married his housemaid Fanny Cooper (Hampshire, Stratfield Saye 1835-1923 London Lewisham) ; son born before they married Frederick Engelbert Giulio (London Knightsbridge aug.1868 bap.17.jan.1872-23.mar.1932 Kent, Forest Hill), daughter Caroline Matilda (London Fulham bap.8.oct.1873-1954 London Lewisham, never married)

[Fetis 1860 gives the life course correctly for Johann and Franz]
[Baker 1919 and Grove 1948 confuse the life courses of Friedrich and Franz]

Title Parts

[] Waltz. Voice and piano. Arnsberg 5nov1823
words from the Albumblatt of sister Josephine d'Alquen

[] Rondo. Cello. London 1840
the first composition which he wrote in London

[] Sollievo d'un momento. Divertimento per piano forte. op16
pub W. Blagrove & Attwater, London ?1845

[] Ah! if thou wert mine own love. Song. London 1845
the English version by F. I. St. Leger

[] L'Adieu. Quadrille improvisee. Piano. London 1845
[] La Fontana di Ravenswood. Romance
written by L. Mariotti, etc.
pub W. Blagrove & Attwater, London 1845

[] Meditation. Piano
pub Weekes & Co., London 1857

[] La Paix. March triomphe. Piano
pub Weekes & Co., London 1857

[] 2me. Bagatelle a la mode. Lebewohl, romance sans paroles. Piano. London 1857
[] Marie. Nocturne pour le pianoforte. London 1860
[] Gabrielle. Bluette de salon. Piano. London 1860
[] Apres l'orage. Morceau de salon. Piano. London 1861
[] Etude de fugue pour le Pianoforte
pub Schott & Cie, London ?1865

[] Edith. Petite valse. Piano
pub Weekes & Co., London 1870

[] Maiblumchen. Bluette. Piano
pub Weekes & Co., London 1870

[] If I behold the verdant hue (Seh' ich die weite grune an'). Song for voice and piano. London 1872
[] L'Isolement. Morceau caracteristique pour Piano. London 1872
[] When busy day, love! (Wenn arbeit schweigt). A serenade for voice and piano. London 1872
[] Gage d'amitie. Pensee fugitive. Piano
pub Weekes & Co., London 1874

[] Prelude and fugue. Piano. London 1875
[] Drei characteristische clavier stucke. Second Series. London 1876
[] Sechs characteristische clavier stucke. Piano. Book 1
pub Weekes & Co., London 1876

[] Morgenroth. Grande valse brillante. Piano. London 1878
[] Une petite fleur. Melodie. Piano. London 1879
[] Sechs characteristische clavier stucke. Piano. Book 2
pub Weekes & Co., London 1880

[] Ruckkehr in die heimath. Salonstuck fur piano. London 1881
music Fritz d'Alquen

[] Scena cantate. Cello and piano. London 1881
[] 2 Morceaux de genre. Cello or violin and piano
pub Weekes & Co., London 1883 ; Schott, Mainz 1883
[] 1 - Romance
[] 2 - Alla Tarantella
[] The wedding day introduction and march. Piano
pub S. Lucas, Weber & Co., London 1883

[] Nocturne-Caprice. Piano
pub Weekes & Co., London 1884

[] 2 Romances sans paroles (in C and F). Cello or violin and piano
pub Schott, Mainz 1886

[] Visions du Passe. Rhapsodie. Caprice. Morceau de salon. Piano
pub Weekes & Co., London 1886

[] Mazurka. Cello or violin and piano
pub Schott, Mainz 1888

[] Freischutz. Fantasie. Piano
pub Weekes & Co., London

[] Lebewohl. Romance sans paroles. Piano
pub Weekes & Co., London

[] Lombardi. Fantasie. Piano
pub Weekes & Co., London

[] Lucrezia. Fantasie. Piano
pub Weekes & Co., London

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