Alscher, Josef 18??-18?? Germany Brandenburg, Wiese - ?, ?
double bassist, military bandmaster, 1825-1831 studied double bass at Prague Conservatory, distinguished virtuoso on the double bass, c1830 considered as the rival of Dragonetti and Muller, 1830-1837 active in Italy, then returned to Germany and gave concerts in Prague and Leipzig, he settled in Prague where he became a military bandmaster, 1848-1849 Prague was on the side of the Austrian Empire during the uprising of revolutionary austrians and hungarians against the government in Vienna

Title Parts

[] Elegie an den tod des Grafen Latour. Trauermarsch
Grafen Latour (1780-1848) Minister of War of the Austrian Empire, was murdered by revolutionary austrians, Vienna 8oct1848
pub Johann Hoffmann, Prague ?1848

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