Alsop, John Esq. 3.feb.1832-16.may.1909 England Devon, Newton Abbot - London Hampstead
Poor Law superintendent registrar, amateur organist and composer, born in the Wolborough parish of Newton Abbot, 28.jun.1832 baptized at Salem Chapel at Wolborough Street in Newton Abbot, 1850 as superintendent registrar residing with his widowed mother at East Street in Newton Abbot, 1.apr.1871 the Amateur Glee Club Belfast awarded him the prize of 10 pounds for the best original Part-song for Mixed Voices, after 1872 studied music at or was associated with Trinity College in London, 1.jun.1879 Sir Michael Costa adjucator in the String Quartet Competition at Trinity College awarded him an honourable mention for his composition for string quartet, 1880 residing at 17 Devon Square in Newton Abbot, 1888 he was awarded the Sir Michael Costa Prize at Trinity College of ten guineas and a gold medal, 1894-1907 member of the Musical Association (president Sir John Stainer, members practical and theoretical musicians or researchers, for investigation and discussion of art, science and history of music), 1900 until death as superintendent registrar residing at 85 South Hill Park in Hampstead, 2.nov.1909 the Musical Association annual meeting regrets the loss by death of Mr. John Alsop Esq. who had been member of the association for many years ; son of superintendent registrar for births, deaths and marriages for Newton Abbot and clerk of the Newton Abbot Union John Alsop (Devon, Exeter St Sidwell 8.jun.1791-1850 Newton Abbot) and proprietor of houses and land Ann Bulley Turner (Devon, Abbotskerswell 4.mar.1800-24.jun.1852 Newton Abbot) who married 30.sep.1824 in Abbotskerwell ; 1864 he married Ann Goodenough (Newton Abbot 1839-1917 London Fulham) ; first child John Alsop (Newton Abbot 1866-1884 Newton Abbot) ; uncle of John Alsop (Devon, Teignmouth 15.sep.1860-26.aug.1898 Newton Abbot)

Title Parts

[] Andante in F. Organ
pub in Organist's Quarterly Journal. England 1881

[] Orchestral overture in F. 1888
awarded the Sir Michael Costa Prize, Trinity College London 1888

[] The Sower. Sacred cantata
words Bible, Mark 4:1-9 "Behold, a sower went forth to sow"
pub Patey & Willis, London 1894

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