Alsop, John Pulsford 15.sep.1860-26.aug.1898 England Devon, Teignmouth - Newton Abbot
solicitor, not known to have been a composer, born at 1 Fore Street, 1870-1890 residing with his parents, housemaid and cook at 7 Bank Street in Teignmouth, 1880 solicitor articled clerk in Newton Abbot, 1890-1898 solicitor in Newton Abbot, 1898 he died still single of heart failure at his home Fortesque Villa Courtenay Park in Newton Abbot in the presence of his younger brother surgeon Clement Alsop who also died young (16.apr.1909) ; son of bank manager/justice of the peace for Devon Robert Alsop Esq. (Newton Abbot 6.apr.1834-7.jul.1913 Teignmouth) and Clarissa 'Clara' Pulsford (Devon, Torrington 1829-1899 Teignmouth) ; nephew of the Poor Law superintendent registrar/composer John Alsop (Newton Abbot 3.feb.1832-16.may.1909 London Hampstead

[Brown/Stratton 1897 says 'composer of present time', Grove says 'Sir Michael Costa Prize, a prize for young students' which mislead me to assume that this John Alsop could have been the composer ; both statements proved to be wrong, compositions of 'John Alsop' are by his uncle John Alsop]

Title Parts

[] Andante in F. Organ
pub in Organist's Quarterly Journal. England 1881
actually composed by his uncle John Alsop (1832-1909)

[] Orchestral overture in F. 1888
awarded the Sir Michael Costa Prize, Trinity College London 1888
actually composed by his uncle John Alsop (1832-1909)

[] The Sower. Sacred cantata
words Bible, Mark 4:1-9 "Behold, a sower went forth to sow"
pub Patey & Willis, London 1894
most likely composed by his uncle John Alsop (1832-1909)

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