Stein, Alexander Siegfried (pseud: Alex Alstone) 30.dec.1903-3.jul.1982 Germany, Hamburg - France, ?Paris
jewish, pianist, songwriter, arranger and conductor, 9.nov.1923 emigrated to the USA, 16.nov.1923 residing at 2237 Post Street in Jacksonville Florida he declared his intention to become an American citizen at the District Court of Florida, 1939 in WWII he served as private to captain in the 3e Region Militaire Legion etrangere in Rennes France but was barred when it became known he was of German origin, 19.apr.1946 he returned to the USA from a stay at Paris France, 19.sep.1947-21.aug.1948 calling himself stateless and composer he had stayed in Paris France, 1948 stateless residing at 375 Riverside Drive in New York, 3.aug.1950-24.oct.1950 he made a visit to Paris France, 1950 still stateless and single residing at 45 West 81st Street in New York, 1952 he led his own orchestra in New York playing at the Waldorf Astoria, 16.mar.1955 he became member of Societe des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique (SACEM) Paris, 1957 pianist at the Casanova Club in New York, 1958 went to Paris and never returned to the USA, until 1979 active as composer in Paris

Title Parts

[] Symphony. Fox trot. Song
lyrics Jack Lawrence, orchestration Paul Weirick
pub Chappell & Co., New York 1945

[rem : his best known composition which became a worldwide success instantly, it was translated in all languages and arranged in all countries of the world]

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