Altamirano Castaneda, Diego 13.nov.1849-25.may.1934 Mexico Jalisco, San Juanito - Mexico City
violinist, began his musical training and violin study under Cruz Balcazar at Escuela de Infantes of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Guadalajara, 1886 appointed professor of music theory at Colegio de Infantes de la Catedral in Guadalajara, 1886-1905 choirmaster and founder/conductor of the orchestra of Guadalajara Cathedral, also founded his own orchestra and an academy of stringed instruments, 1905 due to conflicts with his musicians and the church he moved to Mexico City as music teacher and violinist in Orquesta Beethoven under Julian Carrillo, 1919 conductor of a choir of sacred music in Monterrey, 1926 returned to Mexico City due to an illness that prevented him from continuing to work and led him to extreme poverty

Title Parts

[] En la noche. Tenor and piano
letra de Manuel M. Gonzalez
pub A. Wagner y Levien, Mexico City 1885

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