Altmann (Altman), Ludwig 2.sep.1910-27.nov.1990 Germany, Breslau (now Poland, Wroclaw) - USA California, San Francisco
jewish, organist, studied at the University of Breslau, the State Academy Church and School Music in Berlin and the University of Berlin, studied with Albert Rudolf Moser and Joachim Blume, 7.jan.1937 emigrated from Breslau to the USA, 1937-1987 organist/choirmaster of Temple Emanu-El in San Francisco, 10.may.1943 naturalized American changing his name to Ludwig Altman, 1952 organist of Palace Legion of Honor in San Francisco, 1939-1972 organist of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, 1948-1963 teacher organ music history at the University of California in Berkeley ; nephew of composer Arthur Altmann

Title Parts

[] Early will I seek thee. Mixed choir and organ
words from the Hebrew of Solomon ibn Gabirol
pub Transcontinental Music, New York 1963

[] Service for Friday eve and Sabbath morning. Cantor, mixed voices and organ
pub Transcontinental Music Publications, New York 1963

[] Psalm 67, in the pentatonic and Ionian modes. Alto, mixed choir and organ
pub Transcontinental Music, New York 1966

[] Psalm 13. Choir. 1967
[] Psalm 47. Mixed choir and organ
pub Transcontinental Music Publications, New York 1971

[] The beloved of the Lord. Baritone, choir and organ
pub Lawson-Gould Music Publishers, New York 1972

[] Prelude on Leoni. Organ
based on the Hebrew melody Yigdal, popularized by the 18th century tenor Myer Lyon (Michael Leoni)
pub Transcontinental Music, New York 1977

[] The God of Abraham praise. Organ
pub Sacred Music Press, Dayton Ohio 1986
[] 1 - Variations on Maoz tzur
[] 2 - Introduction to Eyn kelohenu
[] 3 - Organ trio on Leoni
[] 4 - Variations on Lasst uns erfreuen
[] 5 - Postlude on Adon olam
[] 6 - Introduction to Addir hu
[] Meditation on Wach auf, wach auf, du deutsches land. Organ
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