Altrocchi, Giovanni Rodolfo (John Rudolph) 6.nov.1858-20.sep.1897 USA NY, New York - Italy, Rignano near Florence
pianist, 13.aug.1879 from Florence he wrote a letter to Giuseppe Domenge, 1892 piano teacher at Via della Mattinata 21 in Florence, violinist/violist Luigi Chiostri (Florence 1847-1894 Florence) dedicated his 'Gavotta per violino con pianoforte op.16' to his good friend Giovanni Altrocchi, at time of death his home in New York was at Edge Hill, he died by suicide as american citizen at Rignano and was buried at Cimitero Evangelico agli Allori in a grave with a monumental tomb with bronze lyre and score : son of sculptor/music teacher Domenico Altrocchi (Italy ?Florence 1814-5.aug.1879 Florence) and Pauline Hemenway (New York 1832-26.oct.1914 Florence) who married 22.nov.1849 in Jersey City NJ ; brother of university professor of languages Nicola Altrocchi (New York 11.sep.1850-26.oct.1894 Florence) ; he married Paolina (Pauline) Zambor (Florence 20.nov.1859-9.mar.1932 Florence) ; son lyricist Rudolph (Florence 31.oct.1882-)

Title Parts

[] Troix morceaux pour piano
pub Genesio Venturini, Florence
[] 1 - Romance
[] 2 - Impromptu
[] 3 - Caprice
[] Piccolo suite di Domenico Zipoli
adattata per piano e violino da Giovanni Altrocchi
pub Bratti & C., Florence c1895

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