Altschul, Rezso (Rudolf) (Rodolphe) 5.jul.1842-a1911 hungarian born Czechoslovakia, Prague - ?Hungary, Budapest
pianist, active in Bohemia and residing and active in Pest/Budapest, pupil of Johann Friedrich Kittl and a main piano pupil of Franz Liszt who valued him highly, 31.mar.1871 he played in a concert at Pest Royal Catholic Gymnasium, 4.mar.1872 played in a benefit concert for the Pest Oberrealschule, 28.feb.1873 played piano at a Charity concert in favour of the student relief fund of a catholic high school in Pest, 2.feb.1883 he visited Franz Liszt in Budapest, 10.dec.1889 he accompanied singer Ilka Markovits at a concert in Budapest, 16.feb.1903 he played piano in a concert at the Royal Hall of the Academy of Music in Budapest

[in 'Die Hauptschuler Liszts' by Ludwig Nohl, 1881 approved and with regard to the order of the names corrected by Liszt, his name appears erroneously as Friedrich Altschul which was the cause that later sources confuse him with the pianist Fritz Altschul]

Title Parts

[] Walzer, aus der 2t Serenade fur streich-orchester F-dur op.63 von Robert Volkmann fur Clavier zu zwei handen. Piano
bearbeitet fur das Pianoforte zu 2 handen von Rudolf Altschul
pub Gustav Heckenast, Pest 1866
pub Schott, London / Mainz c1880 and Mainz c1900

[] 6 Valtozatok (6 Variations). Piano. op6
music Rezso Altschul
pub Rozsavolgyi & Co., Budapest 1878

[] A Piros Bugyellaris. 8 Lieder mit ungarische texte fur 1 Singstimme mit Pianoforte
music R. Altschul
pub Frigyes Pirnitzer, Budapest 1879

[] Concert-Walzer nach Johann Strauss, fur Pianoforte
music R. Altschul
pub Rahter, Hamburg 1880

[] Mazur melancolique (Thauperle) d'apres Edouard Strauss par Piano
music Rodolphe Altschul
pub Cranz, Hamburg 1881

[] Waltz. Piano
composed by Rezso Altschul
in a letter of 4feb1883 by Franz Liszt from Budapest to Sophie Menter in London, Liszt wrote:
"Altschul, who remains inconsolable at the neglect of his brilliant Waltz by the highly famous Sophie Menter, also visited me. Friendly greetings to Neuschul"

[] Walzer aus der Serenade Nr.2. F-dur op. 63 von Robert Volkmann fur Clavier zu zwei handen. Piano
arr for piano by Rudolf Altschul
pub Schott, Mainz c1900

[] Zwei Lieder
music R. Altschul
pub Fr. Hofmeister, Leipzig
[] 1 - Ich liege dir zu fussen
[] 2 - Schwalbe nimm dies brieflein
[] Fifty Hungarian national songs. Pianoforte-Album No.38
music Rudolph Altschul
accurately arranged from the originals by Rudolf Altschul
pub Novello, Ewer & Co. Ltd, London

[] 6 Valtozat "Barna legeny elbujdosott" ezimu dalfelett (6 Variationen uber ein ungarisches volkslied). Piano
music Rudolph Altschul

[] Alla turca. Marsch von Mozart. Piano
music Rudolph Altschul

[] Don Carlos. Fantaisie. Piano
music Rudolph Altschul

[] Magyar dalok es tanczok (Ungarische lieder und tanze). Zongora (Piano)
music Rezso (Rudolph) Altschul
with publisher's manuscript dedication to Liszt
pub Frigyes Pirnitzer, Budapest

[] Ritka buza, Magyar nepdalaticat (Ungarisches volkslied transcription). Piano
music Rudolph Altschul

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