Altshuler (Altschuler), Ira Maximilian 3.jun.1893-18.mar.1968 Ukraine, Yekaterinoslav - USA Michigan, Detroit Southfield
pianist, music therapist, psychiatrist, 1917 MA and MD from the University of Berne in Switzerland, 1919 emigrated to the USA, 1.jul.1925 naturalized American changing his name from Isaac to Ira, 1925-1927 psychiatrist at the Children's Hospital in Detroit, 1927-1928 studied at Harvard Medical School in Boston, PhD at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, 1930-1932 on the staff of the Neurological Division of Grace Hospital in Detroit, 1932 joined the staff of Wayne County General Hospital for the insane in Detroit Eloise where he did extensive research in the use of music in psychological therapy, 1946 one of his patients was subject of several news releases because of his unusual ability as composer and pianist, he developed a daily program involving 25 pianos played by patients which attracted up to 800 patients daily by 1950, he taught music therapy at the Detroit Conservatory of Music and Michigan State College, he was affiliated with Temple Isreal in Detroit, fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, honorary member of the Detroit Federation of Musicians ; 9.jun.1934 in Detroit he married Irene Kar (11.feb.1908-28.may.1990 Detroit), divorced 3.nov.1948 ; daughter Ilona S (Detroit 6.oct.1936-), son Thomas J (Detroit 3.jul.1938-) ; 1949 aged 56 he married and divorced the 23 year old movie actress Paula Drew (nee Tamara Dubin) (Detroit 1.jun.1926-)

Title Parts

[] Four seasons
[] Ilona's little overture. a1936
[] Mackinac overture
[] Concert piece for violin
[] Eloise symphony in f.
composed with Ernest Salisbury
performed by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra 19aug1948

writing: Music, an aid in the management of the psychiatric patient. Ira M. Altshuler and Bessie Shebesta. 1940
writing: Music therapy, retrospect and perspective. 1952
writing: Music, an aid in the management of the psychotic patient
The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease

writing: The part of music in resocialization of mental patients
American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

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