Altshuler, Moisei Isaacovich (Altschuler, Modest) 15.feb.1873-12.sep.1963 Russia, Mogilev - USA California, Los Angeles West Covina
cellist, conductor, 1884-1886 studied cello with Goebelt at Warsaw Conservatory, 1886-1895 studied cello with Wilhelm Fitzenhagen and von Glen, orchestration with Anton Arensky and Aleksandr Taneyev and piano and conducting with Vasily Safonov at Moscow Imperial Conservatory, 1890 BMus, 1895-1896 toured Europe with the Moscow Trio, July 1896 emigrated to the USA and was active as cellist and teacher for some time, May 1903 founded the Russian Symphony Orchestra in New York, 7.jan.1904 debut as conductor at the first concert of the Russian Symphony Orchestra in the Auditorium of Cooper Union New York which gave regular annual series of concerts, 1904-1907 at Cooper Union, 1907-1919 at Carnegie Hall, 1919-1924 at regular concerts in New York, he toured with the orchestra throughout the US and Canada for several seasons and made 3 tours in Russia, he produced many American premieres of compositions of russian composers, 21.mar.1915 at Carnegie Hall his most spectacular, the revolutionary Prometheus by Scriabin performed in darkness with electricity in the hall turned off and a 'clavier a lumieres' on a screen behind the orchestra producing mobile colored lights completely written out in the score (critics judged the music as cacophony of impotent invention, unintelligible throughout, the lights continually shifting and melting without relation to the sounds, in all impossible to find a clue), 1918-1921 residing at 645 West 160th Street New York, 3.jan.1921 naturalized American, 1925-1950 conductor and cello teacher in Los Angeles, 1950 residence and studio at 1921 North Highland Avenue Los Angeles ; son of Isaac Altshuler and Bertha Slotzky ; 26.apr.1896 in Moscow he married his cousin Anita 'Annie' Altshuler (Russia 6.jun.1879-6.may.1943 Los Angeles) ; son Arthur Isaac (Manhattan 31.dec.1896-17.mar.1933 Los Angeles), daughter Elizabeth (Manhattan 23.dec.1897-)

Title Parts

[] Melody on a theme by Rachmaninov. Cello and piano
sketch by Rachmaninov for Altschuler 1890
pub Composers Press, New York 1947
Alexander Ivashkin, Rustem Hayroudinov. Chandos 10095

[] Na-cha-la (Nachala). Fox-trot. Piano
copyright Modest Altschuler, New York 27may1920

[] L'Ajenjo. Spanish fox-trot. Piano
copyright Modest Altschuler, New York 16oct1920

[] Eicho. Hebrew chant. Melody with piano acc.
copyright Modest Altschuler, New York 16oct1920

[] Poster maid. Fox-trot. Piano
copyright Modest Altschuler, New York 16oct1920

[] Oriental march. Piano
copyright Modest Altschuler, New York 16aug1921

[] Fox-trot, melody by M. Altschuler
copyright Modest Altschuler, New York 5jan1923

[] Sea hawk. Romantic ballad-fox trot
words John LeRoy Johnston
copyright Modest Altschuler, Los Angeles 19apr1924, renewal Los Angeles 30jun1952

[] The song of Russia. presumably for violin and piano
autograph ms Chicago 15mar1924-aug1924

he was better known as orchestrator of music by other composers:
[] Polka caprice. Orchestra. 23may1916
music Vasily Sapelnikov, orchestration Modest Altschuler

[] Easter chimes in Little Russia. Fantasia. Piano and orchestra
music Aleksandr Votichenko, orchestration Modest Altschuler
pub Carl Fischer, New York 25mar1920

[] Orchestration of Edward MacDowell's Sonata tragica for piano
pub Composers Press, New York 30oct1946

[] 2 Orchestral preludes to Rubinstein's Etude "Bohemian polka"
[] Orchestral prelude to Rachmaninov's Suite for two pianos
[] Orchestral prelude in concert form to Moussorgsky's "Boris Godunov"
[] Orchestral prelude to Sapelnikov's "A Soldier's song"
[] Orchestral prelude to Sapelnikov's "Polka miniature"
[] Orchestral prelude to John Powell's "Banjo picker"
[] Orchestration of Tchaikovsky's Piano trio
[] Prelude. Morceaux de fantaisie
music Rachmaninov, orchestration Modest Altschuler

[] Nuances. Morceaux
music Aleksandr Scriabin, orchestration Modest Altschuler

[] Indian song, from the opera Sadko
musicNikolay Rimsky-Korsakov, orchestration Modest Altschuler

[] Danses des cygnes (Lebedinoe ozero). Orchestra
music Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky, arr. for violin and piano Modest Altschuler

[] Suite no1 in F. 2 Pianos. op15
music Anton Arensky, orchestration Modest Altschuler
[] 1 - Romance
[] 2 - Valse
[] 3 - Polonaise
[] Hollywood suite
music Charles Wakefield Cadman, orchestration Modest Altschuler
[] 1 - June on the Boulevard
[] 2 - To a comedian
[] 3 - Twilight at Sycamore Nook
[] 4 - Easter dawn in Hollywood Bowl
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