Guimaraes Alvares, Paulo Sergio 1960- Brazil, Uberlandia
pianist, studied at Conservatorio de Musica in Uberlandia, 1977 moved to Belo Horizonte, studied piano with Caio Pagano in Sao Paulo and 1985-1987 with Steven de Groote in Texas, 1883 he organized Festival de Inverno in Diamantina Minais Gerais, 1984 with his brother he organized the symposia of contemporary music 'Pesquisadores de Musica Contemporanea' and 'Ciclos de Musica Contemporanea' in Belo Horizonte, 1988 studied with Aloys Kontarsky in Koln Germany, 1997 teacher piano and improvisation at the Musikhochschule in Koln ; brother of composer Eduardo Guimaraes Alvares

Title Parts

[N] Con slancio. Winds and piano. 2002
Hans Martin Muller flute, Frieder Steinle trumpet, Peter Munkendiek trumpet, Stephan Smits trombone, Timothy Beck trombone, Michael Junghans trombone, Rainer Jurkiewicz horn, Hans Nickel tuba, Paulo Alvares piano

2002-12-07 10:59:16