Alvarez, Elizardo 18??-?? Paraguay, ? - ?Asuncion
blind concert pianist, from 1872 the municipality of Asuncion contributes often yielding the Teatro Nacional for the realization of musical evenings, in the year 1872 we already found the first individual concerts by Paraguayan musicians such as the performances of the child prodigy Vasconcellos or the artist Elizardo Alvarez considered perhaps the first Paraguayan author of cultured music, 1882 for the first time after the war, an orchestra is heard in Asuncion at the salons of 'Club Familiar' and 'Club del Progreso' conducted by Elizardo Alvarez among others, May 1889 on piano he accompanied the baritone A. Berton and the Spanish Choral Society at the inauguration of Teatro Alcazar in Asuncion, 1890 the blind concert player Elizardo Alvarez made a come back in minor shows after the public had become tired of the active evenings of Zarzuelas the year before

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[] Fantasia original. Teatro Nacional, Asuncion 31jul1884
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