Alvis, reverend George Edward 1.jan.1868-29.jun.1943 England Suffolk, Chilton - Gloucestershire, Cheltenham
28.feb.1868 baptized in Chilton, 1891 as assistant schoolmaster lodging at 1 Albert Street in Carlisle, 1901-1911 as clerk in holy orders residing with a servant at 8 Gladstone Terrace / 5 Princess Road in Ripon Yorkshire, 1913 as priest residing at Holy Trinity Vicarage in Dacre Yorkshire, 1939-1943 as retired clerk in holy orders residing with wife, daughter and son at Saxham 108 Evesham Road in Cheltenham ; son of reverend Edward John Alvis (Norfolk, Lynn 4.aug.1839-15.apr.1912 Norfolk, East Winch) and Emma Isabella Ellen (Norfolk, West Winch 26.may.1846-26.oct.1925 Norfolk, East Winch) ; 18.jun.1913 at Holy Trinity Church in London Eltham he married Marjory Sempill Copland (Essex, Southend 1.aug.1883-9.oct.1964 Tunbridge Wells)

Title Parts

[] Evening hymn in time of war "The darkness falls"
words M. Hamilton-Fellows
pub Novello & Co., London 1918

[] Morning and Evening Service in D
pub Novello & Co., London 1909

[] Recessional "God of our fathers, known of old". Unison chorus with organ
words Rudyard Kipling
pub Novello & Co., London 1917

[] The final triumph of hope. Motet for five voices
words T. Campbell
pub Weekes & Co., London 1904

[] The Bugle song. Part-song
words A. Tennyson
pub Weekes & Co., London 1904

[] An easy setting of the Te Deum
pub C. Vincent, London 1898

[] Cantate Domino and Deus misereatur in G, for men's voices
pub Weekes & Co., London 1908

[] Line up boys! A British marching song
melody and words Anthony Charles Farrington, accompaniment George Edward Alvis
pub A. C. Farrington, Gorleston-on-Sea 1915

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