Alwyne, Horace 31.oct.1891-6.oct.1974 England Lancashire, Accrington - USA Pennsylvania, Rosemont near Bryn Mawr
pianist, conductor, composer, studied with Max Mayer in England and Michael Zadora in Berlin Germany, 1911-1912 music director of Manchester Grammar School in England, 1913 moved with his widowed mother to the USA Saratoga Springs NY, 1914-1921 teacher piano at the Skidmore School of Arts in Saratoga Springs, 1924-1969 head of the music department of Bryn Mawr College in Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania, concert pianist with leading orchestras in the US and Europe, 1928-1929 president of the Philadelphia Society for Contemporary Music, 1940-1974 residing at 1432 Orchard Way in Rosemont near Bryn Mawr, he made numerous travels to England always with his mother only, 1952 and 1958 he traveled with his wife to England, 26.sep.1961 returned with his wife from Cherbourg, 12.apr.1969 he was judge for piano in the Tri-County Youth Festival in Wayne near Bryn Mawr ; son of the twice widowed Mary Matilda Brown Alwyne (Lancashire, Church 1.nov.1861-1.dec.1936 Rosemont) ; 1930 he married Mildred A (Ohio, Amherst 17.jan.1899-)

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