Tedeschi detto Amadori, Giovanni c1715-a1780 Italy Viterbo, Ronciglione - Rome
alto castrato singer, studied singing with Antonio Maria Bernacchi, 1732 debuted in Porta's opera Lucio Papirio in Rome, 1738-1750 active in Venice, 1741 sang at Sant'Agostino in Genoa, 1751-1754 active in Naples, 1751, 1753 and 1754 sang at Teatro Ducale in Milan, 1752 at Teatro Falcone in Genoa, 1754-1755 at the Hofoper in Berlin, 1756 as impresario at Teatro San Carlo in Naples, returned to Rome where he founded a singing school

[Schmidl 1926 gives born c1720 Bologna ; Riemens 1994 gives died 1786 Naples]

Title Parts

[] Arias
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