Amaducci (Amaduci), Donato f1666-f1685 Italy, ? - ?, ?
tenor singer, 1666, 1669 and 1680 at the Sachsen Hofkapelle of Kurfurst (Elector) Johann Georg II in Dresden Germany, 9.oct.1666 from Italy he sent the Elector of Sachsen a Hochzeitsgesang for the wedding of his son Johann Georg III, according to the records of the Sachsen State Archives in Dresden, where his name appeared as Amadusky, he received a passport in 1669 for a return to Italy, 19.feb.1685 in Venice he was called to the table by the Elector of Sachsen Johann Georg III on his visit to Venice Italy (to take the singer Margarita Salicola to Dresden and to arrange the hire of an army to the Kingdom of Venice)

Title Parts

[] Hochzeitsgesang (Wedding song) for the wedding of the son of the Elector of Sachsen in Dresden 9oct1666

Johann Georg II (1613-1680), married 13nov1638, Elector of Sachsen 1656-1680
Johann Georg III (1647-1691), married   9oct1666, Elector of Sachsen 1680-1691
Johann Georg IV (1668-1694), married 17apr1692, Elector of Sachsen 1691-1694

[] (titles unknown)
mss owned by the Stadtrichter Herzog (Governor Duke) of Merseburg

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