Amanbayev, Akhmat Amanbayevich 25.jul.1920-8.sep.1964 Russia Kyrgyzstan, Tianshan region, Naryn oblast, Kara-Bulak - Frunze (now Bishkek)
1935-1938 studied at Ippolitov-Ivanov College in Moscow, 1940 studied composition and conducting at the P I Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, 1948-1951 conductor of the Kyrgyzstan Philharmonic

 Title Parts

[] Aydar zhana Aysha. Opera. 1952
[] Zhashtar march
[] Partiya zhenynde oda (Ode to the Party)
[] Emne ychin
[] Frunzem
[] Ych belimdyy kvarteti
[] Skripka ychyn ych belymdyy syuitasy. Violin suite
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