Amato ne Legoff, Louis Victor Gaetan 19.jun.1865-19.dec.1913 France, Paris 6e - Paris 17e
cellist, born at rue du Jardinet, 1890 he moved to the USA Chicago, 1891-1901 cellist since the founding of the Chicago Orchestra (now Chicago Symphony Orchestra), 14.mar.1892 playing at the Saint Louis Exposition, 1892-1901 as cellist he gave many recitals and concerts in Chicago, 1897-1900 teacher cello at Chicago Musical College at room 410, 26 Vanburen Street, 1898 residing at 565 North Clark Street, 1899 at 638 Sedgwick Street, 1900 director of Societe Chorale Francaise, 1.oct.1900 he returned to Chicago from a visit to Paris, 1900 he was married and still had the french nationality, he died at 42 rue Lemercier in Paris ; illegitimate son of an unknown father and Eugenie Pauline Legoff (Paris 8.oct.1841-b1913 Spain, Madrid) ; adopted son of cellist Louis Stanislas Pelletier who 9.dec.1884 officially changed the family name to Amato (Paris 11.may.1840-a1913 ; 1884-1913 cellist in Madrid Spain) ; b1900 he married Jeanne Augustine Forestier (Paris 8.nov.1862-b1913)

[in Rehrig/Bierley 1996 erroneously named Louis Arnato]

Title Parts

[] Polka des oiseaux (Bird polka)
copyright Louis Amato, Chicago 1894

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