Amers, Ethel May 30.may.1877-27.aug.1962 England Northumberland, Newcastle-upon-Tyne - Newcastle-upon-Tyne
19.jun.1879 baptized together with her younger sister Lilian Eva at Christ Church in Newcastle, 1901 as teacher of music residing with her widowed mother at 26 Jesmond Road in Newcastle, 1911 residing with husband and a servant at 19 Lansdowne Terrace in Newcastle Gosforth, 1939 residing with husband and her sisters Frances and Lilian Eva at Leam Cottage in Bellingham Northumberland, 1958-1962 as Lady Ethel M Lambert residing with her sister Lilian Eva at 72 Highbury in Newcastle ; daughter of professor of music/bandmaster/arranger for band John Hall Amers (Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1840-10.jan.1895 Northumberland) and Frances Gallon (Newcastle-upon-Tyne bap.15.mar.1846-21.jul.1906 Northumberland) ; sister of composer Henry G Amers ; 1905 in Newcastle she married china merchant/regional commissioner for civil defence Sir Arthur William Lambert (Newcastle-upon-Tyne 17.jul.1876-29.oct.1948 Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

Title Parts

[] Contrition. Valse. Piano
music Ethel Amers
pub Metzler & Co., London 1922

[] A song of Northumberland. pub1929
music Ethel M. Lambert

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