Ames, George Acland Esq. 10.may.1827-5.jan.1893 England, Bristol Clifton - London
amateur violinist, born at Rodney House in Clifton, 22.jun.1827 baptized at Lewin's Mead Society of Protestant Dissenters in Bristol, 15.jul.1827 his birth was registered at Dr. Williams's Library Red-Cross-Street in London Cripplegate, studied violin with Bernhard Molique in Stuttgart or after 1849 in London, under an assumed name he played in the orchestra of the Birmingham Festival of 1846 when Mendelsson's 'Elijah' was produced, 1880 with 'no rank, profession or occupation' residing with his second wife, housemaid, parlor maid and cook at 56 Springfield Road in London Hampstead, at time of death owner of the Union Club Trafalgar Square and residing at 28 Marlborough Hill in London ; 13.jul.1854 in Polzig Germany he married Clara Henriette Marie grafin von Polzig (castle Polzig 3.apr.1835-25.apr.1879 Beiersdorf), divorced 1869 in London ; son composer John Carlowitz Ames, daughter composer Marie Mildred Ames ; b1880 he married Catherine Amelia Rollings (Surrey, Streatham 23.jan.1844-1903 Surrey, Steyning)

Title Parts

[] Oh! call it by some better name. Song
words by T. Moore
pub London 1867

[] Study for violin, with pianoforte accompaniment
pub Hart & Son, London 1883

[] Welcome all within these walls. Vocal trio with accompaniment of piano and harmonium
words by Mrs. Reeve
pub London Music Publishing Co., London 1887

[] Quartet in C. 2 Violins, tenor (viola) and violoncello
pub London Music Publishing Co., London 1888

[] String quartet
[Brown/Stratton 1897]

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