Ames, Marie Mildred (fem) 20.jun.1867-1.jan.1945 England, London Kensington - Brighton
8.aug.1867 baptized at St Mathew in London Bayswater, studied music with her brother for three years, studied instrumentation with Frederick Corder at the Royal Academy of Music in London, 1894 won the Charles Mortimer Prize at the RAM, she finished her studies in Berlin where she married and had two children, 1910 residing at Oxford House 26 East Drive Queen's Park in Brighton, she died on New Year's Day at her home 7 Knoyle Road in Brighton ; daughter of amateur violinist/composer George Acland Ames (Bristol Clifton 10.may.1827-3.jan.1893 London) and Clara Henriette Marie grafin von Polzig (Germany, castle Polzig 3.apr.1835-25.apr.1879 Beiersdorf) who married 13.jul.1854 in Polzig and divorced 1869 in London ; sister of composer John Carlowitz Ames ; 1896 in Berlin Schoneberg she married art painter Edmund Lucchesi (London Westminster 1871-30.aug.1964 Brighton) ; daughter violinist Amina Lucchesi (Berlin Friedenau 26.sep.1897-)

Title Parts

[] 2 Pieces. Violin and piano
pub London Music Publishing Co., London 1887
[] 1 - Barcarolle
[] 2 - Song without words
[] Andante in G. Violin and piano
pub Weekes & Co., London 1894

[] Andante and rondo. Clarionet and piano. b1897
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