Ames, Rebecca Wylde Warwick (Mrs. Henry Ames) (fem) 1.dec.1802-22.jan.1875 England Yorkshire, Rotherham - Liverpool
singer, professor of piano and singing, 16.jan.1803 baptized at the Presbyterian Church in Norton Derbyshire, 1812 her parents moved from Rotherham to Liverpool and 1817-1824 resided at 5 Grosvenor Place in Manchester, 1843-1875 widowed residing at 5 Abercromby Terrace 41 Oxford Street in Liverpool, 1843 with nephew Charles Dyer, 19.jul.1844 with novelist Martha MacDonald Lamont, 1861-1864 with her mother and a servant, 1871-1875 with two servants, she was a lifelong friend of pianist/composer Francis Edward Bache (Birmingham 1833-1858), 12.jul.1844-25.aug.1845 she is mentioned as a musical friend in letters of Jane Welsh Carlyle (14.jan.1801-21.apr.1866) who wrote about her 'never heard such singing in my life' and 'a too fluent speaker, I never heard such talking since I was born', 1854 she made a trip to Dresden, Saxon Switzerland and Berlin with her nephew and Edward Bache, 11.dec.1856 novelist Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell addressed a letter to Mrs. Ames, 5 Abercrombie Terrace Liverpool ; daughter of doctor of medicine and chemist Thomas Olivers Warwick (1772-1852 Liverpool) and Mary Aldred (Yorkshire, Wakefield 31.may.1779-28.dec.1864 Liverpool) who married 18.nov.1800 in Wickersley near Rotherham ; sister of Mary Aldred Warwick (Rotherham 22.dec.1809-), sister of gentleman John Alfred Warwick (Rotherham 29.feb.1812, baptized 3.jul.1812 Octagon Chapel Temple Court, Liverpool), sister of Olivia Margaret Warwick (Manchester 4.nov.1817-) ; 21.oct.1823 at St John in Manchester she married solicitor John Bent Thompson ; 6.oct.1836 in Bowdon near Manchester she married Henry Ames who died 1839 in Liverpool

Title Parts

[] Poverty parts good company, a song
words J. R. Planche
pub Cramer & Co., London c1840

[] O peace of mind, thou lovely guest. Treble voices
words Goldsmith
no14 of Chamber Trios
pub Edwin Ashdown, London 1844

[] We meet again. Treble voices
no58 of Chamber Trios
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston
pub Edwin Ashdown, London 1844

[] Lovely May. Treble voices
the words by "Eliza"
no63 of Chamber Trios
pub Edwin Ashdown, London 1844

[] The primrose "Flower of April". Treble voices
the words and adaption by Mrs. H. Ames from the canone "Fior di Aprile"
no110 of Chamber Trios
pub Edwin Ashdown, London 1844

[] Mezeraye
words Henry Fothergill Chorley (1808-1872)
pub Hime & Son, Liverpool c1850

[] Care's holiday. Song
words Henry Fothergill Chorley (1808-1872)
pub Edwin Ashdown, London 1852

[] Lilies of the valley. Duettino
the words written by M. Collins
pub London 1852

[] Gaze on the rolling sea. Song
words by Nereus
pub London 1853

[] Valle che de' lamenti miei se' piena. Sonnetto di Petrarca. Voice and piano
pub London 1853

[] The breeze. 2 Sopranos
words T. Stuart
pub Edwin Ashdown, London 1854

[] A song composed for summer evening
pub London 1854

[] The rainy day. Voice and piano. London 1855
words Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)

[] Passing clouds, a song, the poetry from Household Words
pub London 1855

[] The Susquehanna River. Song
the words & melody by... Arranged by Mrs. H. Ames
pub Leader & Cock, London 1857

[] We strolled on the Terace. Song
the words & melody by... Arranged by Mrs. H. Ames
pub Leader & Cock, London 1857

[] Constancy, a Scotish song "Fair Bessie Bell"
the words (with the exception of the first four lines) by G. C. Oxenden
pub London 1857

[] Two duetts for treble and bass
pub London 1858
[] 1 - Oh sleep and dream of all things good, words and music by Mrs. H. Ames
[] 2 - It is morning, the words from the Knickerbocker New York Magazine
[] Goodbye to winter. 3 Sopranos (treble voices)
the words from Parley's New Keepsake
no10 of Wessel & Co's Series of Vocal Trios
pub Edwin Ashdown, London 1860

[] Switzerland. Vocal duet and piano
pub Edwin Ashdown & Parry, London 1860

[] By the sea. Song
words A. Older
pub Edwin Ashdown, London 1861

[] So soon the summer dies. Song
the words by T. Hood
pub London 1862

[] Daybreak in the country. Song
words J. Ryan
pub Lamborn Cock, Hutchings & Co., London 1863

[] The gladness of nature, for one and two voices
words William Cullen Bryant
pub Lamborn Cock & Co., London 1865

[] When the rosy morn. Aria
[] Sorrento. Vocal duett
music Giuseppe Lillo (1814-1863), english words by Mrs. Henry Ames
pub Ollivier & Co., London 1866

[] The exile "Fare thee well my own land". Ballad
music Francis Edward Bache (1833-1858)
words Mrs. Henry Ames

[] Friendship in sorrow "Sweet is evening's fragrant dew" in A flat. Song
music Francis Edward Bache (1833-1858)
words Mrs. Henry Ames
no2 from Four songs dedicated to Mrs. Henry Ames

[] The invitation "Oh come to the mountain's breezy side" in G. Song
music Francis Edward Bache (1833-1858)
words Mrs. Henry Ames

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