Amey, Francis 'Frank' L 14.nov.1922- USA NY, New York Manhattan
pianist, born at 306 West 75th Street, 1924 after the death of his mother he was raised by his grandfather in Manhattan and Schenectady, 1928 by his grand-aunt Grace May Hoffmann (NH 1869-) in Schenectady, studied music with Stanley Hummel in Albany NY, studied composition with Vittorio Giannini at the Manhattan School of Music, orchestration with Phillip James at Washington Square College in New York, studied with Bohuslav Martinu and Igor Stravinsky at Berkshire Music Center in Tanglewood, 1946 studied piano with Harold Bauer, Edward Steuermann and Helen Scoville in New York, 1946 residing at 45 Washington Avenue in Schenectady, he gave series of recitals on radio WRGB and in the Keyboard Master Series of WNYC tv, 1952 taught piano at his studio at 1425 Broadway New York City, 1956 taught at Stanford University in Stamford Connecticut, 1956 residing at Palmer Hill Road in Old Greenwich Connecticut, from 1956 he was active in Europe together with his wife and pianist/composer David Tudor performing new music of John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Mauricio Kagel, Kurt Schwertsik, Sylvano Bussotti and Cornelius Cardew in Venice, Milan, Berlin and Koln, he settled with his wife and 3 children in Venice Italy ; grandson of professor of philosophy and psychology Frank Sargent Hoffman (Wisconsin, Sheboygan Falls 9.feb.1852-21.dec.1928 Schenectady) and Rebecca Russell Lowell (NJ, Newark 5.dec.1857-24.oct.1927 Schenectady) ; son of physician Jesse Willis Amey (NY, Rochester 1.feb.1871-1939 Florida, Miami) and opera coloratura soprano Grace May Hoffman (Schenectady 1891-28.jul.1924 Manhattan) ; 29.jul.1948 in Maine he married Nichola 'Nikky' D Hanson

Title Parts

[] (details unknown). compositions for orchestra, piano and voice, composed before 1952
[] Sonatina. Piano. 1951
composed for the brazilian pianist Merces Silva Teles who performed it in a recital at Town Hall, New York City 12nov1951

[] Piano sonata. 1952
premiered by Frank Amey at Union College Memorial Chapel in Schenectady 18feb1954, repeated at Town Hall, New York City March 1954

[] Poem for chairs, tables, benches etc. (amplified shuffling of furniture) of La Monte Young 1960
'performed' by David Tudor, Cornelius Cardew, Mauricio Kagel, Kurt Schwertsik and Frank Amey at the Contre-Festival in Koln 1960

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