Amies, William James ?1831-14.apr.1901 England, London - USA NY, Brooklyn
pianist, organist, professor of music, 1838 emigrated to the USA, 1852 as music teacher residing at 20 Goffe Street in New Haven Connecticut, 1865 as music teacher residing at 161 Madison Street in Louisville Kentucky and organist of the Roman Catholic Church of Padukah Kentucky, 22.oct.1868 in Kings he became naturalized american, 1868-1869 as music teacher residing at 2 Debevoise Street in Brooklyn, 1871-1873 music teacher at 312 Myrtle Avenue and residing at 101 Skillman Street in Brooklyn, 1873-1876 musician and music teacher at 993 De Kalb Avenue in Brooklyn, 1879-1881 as music teacher residing at 175 Stuyvesant Avenue in Brooklyn, 1882-1885 as music teacher residing at 313 Macon Street in Brooklyn, 1887 as music teacher residing at 572 Lexington Avenue in Brooklyn, 1888-1890 as music teacher residing at 6 Russell Place in Brooklyn, 1901 piano teacher at Oakley Avenue in Queens Elmont and Ozone Park in Brooklyn, he had been organist for 50 years of various churches but most in the Methodist Episcopal churches of Brooklyn and latterly the Ozone Park Methodist Episcopal Church, he died at his home 571 Warren Street ; 21.feb.1849 in Brooklyn he married Ann F Cothrin of Ellsworth Maine ; 3.aug.1868 in Brooklyn he married Mary McConnell (New Jersey 1852-4.oct.1898 Brooklyn)

Title Parts

[] Love's response, answer to Love's chidings, a favorite ballad. Song with piano
music by Prof. Amies
pub Jno. L. Peters, New York 1869

[] Excelsior polka. Piano
dedication : To Miss H. Baldwin
music by Prof. Amies
pub Fairchild & Dwyer, New York 1870

[] Monogram. Polka mazurka
pub Geo. Molineux, New York Brooklyn 1873

[] Pictures on the wall. Voice and piano, with chorus refrain
dedication : Dedicated to F. G. Smith Esq.
words George Cooper
pub D. S. Holmes, New York Brooklyn 1873

[] Sunlight hid behind a cloud. Song and chorus
dedication : Dedicated to Miss E. Jordan
words R. E. O'Brien
pub Henry Knoefel, Louisville Kentucky 1876

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