Amiet, Gaston 26.dec.1929-8.oct.2012 Switzerland, Lausanne - Payerne
bandmaster, 1955 as federal employee residing in Payerne, 25.mar.1955 he had a fatal accident when his motorcycle with a friend in the backseat skidded in a bend between Cousset and Montagny-la-Ville Broye, both unconscious they were transported to Payerne Hospital where his friend suffering from a fractured skull died soon after, 1968-1984 director of societe de musique La Lyre in Corcelles-Payerne and bandmaster of their band, 1984 gave his official farewell concert at the 63rd Fete des musiques broyardes in Estavayer-le-Lac, later he became official at the Payerne weather station, 2004 bandmaster of Fanfare des Amis of Gros-de-Vaud

Title Parts

[] En rouge et noir. March. 1967
[] En Avant. March. Band. 1970
[] La broyarde. Marche d'ensemble du Giron des musiques broyardes. Harmonie et fanfare
pub Editions Paul Joy, Le Mont / Lausanne 1983

[] Etendard de la liberte. March. Band. 1987
[] Malaga. Pasodoble. Band
performed by Fanfare des Amis of Gros-de-Vaud under Gaston Amiet at Palazzo Moroni courtyard, Padua 16jun2004

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