Ammermann, Wilhelm 'Willi' 19.mar.1869-1943 Germany, Hamburg - Hamburg (suicide)
pianist, teacher, renowned pianist in large orchestral concerts and chamber music, great singers of the area engaged him as their companion and took him on concert tours in Germany and abroad, together with Max Fiedler and Dr. Georg Gohler he conducted the Orchester-Konzerte in Hamburg, he worked as teacher piano and singing in Hamburg ; son of merchant/salesman Joachim Heinrich Ammermann (Altenbruch 27.jan.1826-27.mar.1912 Hamburg) and Catharina Jacobine Caroline Heinrich (Hamburg 14.dec.1847-19.dec.1920 Hamburg) ; he married Emmi Feddersen

Title Parts

[] Gesangssuite Karneval. Vocal quartet and piano
[] Ludwig der Springer. Opera. op12
music and libretto Adolf Sandberger, piano reduction Percy Pitt and Wilhelm Ammermann
pub A. Schmid, Munchen 1896

[] Adagio, aus der orgeltoccata in C dur
music Johann Sebastian Bach, arranged for violin and piano in a new concert version by Wilhelm Ammermann
pub N. Simrock GmbH, Berlin 15may1929

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