Ammons, Albert Clifton 23.sep.1907-2.dec.1949 USA Illinois, Chicago - Chicago
boogie woogie pianist, 1934 formed a sextet the Rhythm Kings in Chicago, 1938-1942 performed in New York City, 1942-1949 based in Chicago, he received an honorary degree of Doctor of Jazz from Columbia University, 1949 he played at the inauguration of president Harry Truman ; son of club waiter James Wesley Ammons (Tennessee, Memphis 2.may.1888-22.sep.1971 Chicago) and pianist Anna Effie Sherman (Kentucky, Jefferson 6.mar.1889-22.jan.1923 Chicago) ; 21.may.1923 in Chicago he married Lila K Sherrod (Kentucky, Russellville 7.jul.1909-22.jul.1943 Chicago), divorced c1928 ; father of Gene

Title Parts

[] Boogie woogie stomp. 1936
[] Shout for joy. 1939
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