Amphlett, Edward Paul Charlton 23.mar.1885-22.dec.1969 England Berkshire, Windsor Clewer - Kent, Folkestone
pianist, singer, priest, early in life he composed for his church and later as amateur composer, BA, studied at Worcester College, Oxford and Well Theological College, unknown where he studied composition, 1891 residing with his parents, a sister and 6 servants (nurse, parlour maid, house maid, cook, kitchen maid, groom) at Red Cliff in Bishopston Wales, 1901 pupil at Clifton College in Bristol Clifton, 16.aug.1905 second lieutenant in the Worcester Regiment, 5.sep.1908 promoted to lieutenant, 26.may.1907 ordained deacon at Gloucester Cathedral, 1907-1911 deacon at Tewkesbury Abbey on 104 High Street in Tewkesbury Gloucestershire, 24.apr.1915-16.dec.1915 in WWI he served as captain in the 4th Worcester Regiment in the Battle of Gallipoli, 1919 residing with his wife at the home of his mother-in-law 21 Evelyn Mansions Pendragon Hotel Victoria Street St Albans Hertfordshire, 1923-1959 residing at 17 Greycoat Gardens in London Westminster, 4.oct.1932 he sang accompanied by his wife at a social of the Park Ward of the Women's Branch of the Worthing Conservative and Constitutional Association at Barnes Cafe, 1939-1959 as retired army captain and A.R.P. (Air Raid Precautions) Warden Volunteer residing at 17 Greycoat Gardens in London Westminster  ; son of barrister Edward Greenhill Amphlett (Scotland, Glenbarr Abbey 15.jul.1853-4.may.1930 Sussex, Worthing) and Amye Charlton (Nottinghamshire, Attenborough Chilwell Hall 5.nov.1860-21.may.1938 Sussex, Worthing) ; 23.jan.1917 at St Edmund in Salisbury Wiltshire he married composer Margaret Minna Innocent Kerr-Pearse (see Margaret Amphlett)

Title Parts

[] The Office of the Holy Communion in E
pub Weekes & Co., London 1905

[] Margaret knows. March for piano
pub W. Paxton & Co., London 1923

[] At the helm. March. Wind band
subject : steering a boat or ship
music C. Amphlett (Charlton Amphlett)
pub E. P. C. Amphlett, London 1925

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