Amphlett, Margaret Minna Innocent Kerr-Pearse 10.nov.1874-17.aug.1958 England Berkshire, Ascot - London Westminster
amateur pianist and composer, June 1901 she deserted her husband because of his excessive violence, threats and humiliation even in front of others, 16.oct.1901 her husband filed a petition for divorce with custody of their son on the ground that his wife refused to come back to him, the case was even transferred to the higher court but his petition was dismissed 29.apr.1902 because their statements were completely contradictory, she stated that she would not go back to him because of his violence while he denied everything and declared with passionate statements that he wanted her to come back to him, they were never divorced but she never returned to him and remained with her son with her mother at 21 Evelyn Mansions Pendragon Hotel Victoria Street St Albans Hertfordshire, 1919 residing with her husband at the home of her mother 21 Evelyn Mansions Pendragon Hotel Victoria Street St Albans Hertfordshire, 1923-1958 residing at 17 Greycoat Gardens in London Westminster, 4.oct.1932 she accompanied her husband at a social of the Park Ward of the Women's Branch of the Worthing Conservative and Constitutional Association at Barnes Cafe, 1939-1958 as A.R.P. (Air Raid Precautions) Warden Volunteer residing at 17 Greycoat Gardens in London Westminster ; daughter of reverend Beauchamp Warren Kerr-Pierce (Hampshire, Warnborough 1836-8.jun.1900 Ascot Rectory) and Geraldine Henrietta Guinness (Ireland, Dublin 1838-17.sep.1933 St Albans) ; 16.jan.1897 at All Saints in Ascot she married captain 13th Hussars Frederick James Murphy (London Kensington 1858-1916 London) ; son Laurence Derek (Dublin 6.dec.1897-) ; 1917 in Salisbury Wiltshire she married composer Edward P Amphlett

Title Parts

[] Love in Autumn. pub1922
[] The Castle. pub1923
[] Starlight. Piano
pub E. P. C. Amphlett, London 1946

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