Amps, William 18.dec.1824-20.may.1910 England, Cambridge - Cambridge
organist, 1858 BA and 1862 MA from Peterhouse College Cambridge, 1855-1876 organist of King's College Cambridge, also of Peterhouse College and Christ's College Cambridge, for some years conductor of the Cambridge University Musical Society, he distinguished the concerts by the production of large choral works, 1853 Mendelssohn's 'Elijah', Antigone and others, organist of St Peter's Church in Cambridge

Title Parts

[] Six vocal quartets. ATTB voices
pub Novello, London 1850
[] 1 - Arise o moon
[] 2 - Bugle song
[] 3 - Freedom
[] 4 - New Year's eve
[] 5 - Springtime
[] 6 - The golden year
[] When I consider thy heavens. Anthem. Tenor, chorus and organ
pub Novello, Ewer & Co., London 1855

[] Six vocal quartetts. SATB voices
the poetry by Alfred Tennyson, etc.
pub J. Alfred Novello, London and Macmillan & Co., Cambridge c1860

[] Thy God hath commanded thy strength. Anthem 4vv. London 1862
[] Six partsongs. 1865
[] By the word of the Lord were the heavens made. Anthem. Alto, tenor, bass, mixed choir and organ
pub Simpson & Co., London and Ling & Sons, Cambridge c1870

[] All thy works praise thee. Anthem. 2 Sopranos, bass, mixed choir and organ
pub Novello, Ewer & Co., London c1870

[] Piano sonata in B flat. London 1874
[] O what great troubles and adversities. Anthem. Bass and chorus
pub Novello, Ewer & Co., London c1875

[] Piano sonata in c. London 1877
[] Piano sonata in g
[] Two sonatinas. Piano
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