Amy, Alfred 18.jul.1867-19?? England Jersey, St Helier - ?St Helier
pianist, organist, 4.aug.1867 baptized at the Parish of St Helier, studied music with Edmond Savary in Jersey, studied with Frits Hartvigson and Tobias Matthay at the Royal Academy of Music in London, ARAM, 12.sep.1900 as professor of music initiated as member at the freemason Royal Sussex Lodge in Jersey, resigned 25.feb.1907, 1901 as music student boarding in Woodford Essex (now London), 1909-1934 residing at 15 The Terrace on Grosvenor Street in St Helier ; son of merchant Alfred Amy (St Helier 1837-) and Eliza Germain (Grouville Jersey 1839-) ; 14.apr.1909 at St Peter in London Islington he married Roza Christine Lacy (London Pancras 1883-)

Title Parts

[] Original songs in the Jersey language (french). Medium voice and piano
adaptations of traditional tunes, with words written or collected by members of le Don Balleine, set to music by Alfred Amy
pub Don Balleine, Jersey 1988
[] 1 - La fille amoureuse. words Philippe Langlois
[] 2 - Chanson de matelote. words Edward Le Feuvre
[] 3 - Chanson jerriaise. words Augustus A. Le Gros
[] 4 - Le chant des vraiqueurs. words Augustus A. Le Gros
[] 5 - Margot Margotton. words Augustus A. Le Gros
[] 6 - Petite berceuse. words Augustus A. Le Gros
[] 7 - A m'n anmin. words Sir Robert P. Marett
[] 8 - Le vier garcon. words Sir Robert P. Marett
[] 9 - La chifournie. words anon.
[] 10 - Le parler normand. words R. de Goey-Hampson
[] O Lady leave thy silken thread. Song
words T. Hood
pub Monte Carlo Publishing Co., London 1904

[] Day loiters in the West. Slumber song
words W. W. Martin
pub Weekes & Co., London 1902

[] A Memory. Song
words F. R.
pub Weekes & Co., London 1902

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