Ancliffe, Charles William 25.jul.1880-20.dec.1952 Ireland Kildare, Curragh Camp - England, London Twickenham
bandmaster, 1900 graduated from the Royal Military School of Music at Kneller Hall in London Richmond winning the Shaw Hellier Prize for composition, 1900-1918 bandmaster of the 1st Battalion South Wales Borderers, 1918 bandmaster of the Scarborough Military Band, he died at Royal Hospital Richmond in Surrey while residing at 5 Poulett Gardens in London Twickenham ; son of military bandmaster John Benyamin Ancliffe and Mary Wisenden ; 6.aug.1904 at St John in Portland Dorset he married Eva Jessie Lavet (bap London Ealing 21.may.1882-25.dec.1963 Twickenham)

Title Parts

Nights of Gladness. Waltz. 1912
New London Orchestra / Ronald Corp. Hyperion 66868

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