Andelhof, Augustus Carolus Maria (Auguste Charles Marie) 'August' 4.apr.1882-5.oct.1947 Belgium, Turnhout - Brussel
violinist, conductor, studied at Ecole de Musique in Antwerpen, 1900 studied violin, piano, harmony with Paul Gilson and Martin Lunssens at the Conservatory of Brussel, 1900 2e prix harmony, 1901 1er prix avec distinction harmony, violinist in orchestras of Theatre Royal de la Monnaie in Brussel Schaerbeek, at the 'Concerts Ysaye' and 'Concerts Populaires' and at the Casino in Blankenberge, 1914-1940 conductor of Harmonie de la Maison du Peuple in Brussel, 1919-1926 conductor of the orchestra and 1927-1938 choirmaster of Theatre Royal de la Monnaie in Brussel, 23.jan.1922 named officier d'Academie in Paris, 1930 board member of the Belgian radio Nationaal Instituut voor de Radio-omroep (NIR) ; son of composer Franz Andelhof

Title Parts

[] Ave Maria
composed by Andelhof - ? August
pub Brahy, Liege Belgium b1905

[] Mei. Song. Turnhout 1905
[] Le Forgeron. Song
[] La chanson du vieux. Song
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