Andersen, Carlo 13.jun.1904-17.mar.1978 Denmark, Copenhagen - Copenhagen Frederiksberg
violinist, conductor, studied violin with his father, with Willy Hess in Berlin and Fermin Touche in Paris, 1926-1942 violinist and conductor of the Copenhagen Philharmonic recorded on His Masters Voice, 1926-1949 violinist and conductor of Tivolis Koncertsals Orkester recorded on His Masters Voice, 1930 violinist and 1934-1959 conductor of Det Kongelige Kapel in Copenhagen, as solo violinist he toured Denmark and abroad, 1932 he obtained a diploma with honors at the international competition in Vienna, 1935 founder/member of the Andersen Kvartetten which appeared 1946 on Swedish radio, 1974 residing at H C Orsteds Vej 49A 1879 in Frederiksberg ; son of violinist/violin teacher Daniel William Andersen (Odense, Assens 31.dec.1873-1962) and Johanne Mikkelsen (died 1911) ; 28.dec.1929 in Frederiksberg he married Lilli Gudrun Olga Wendelboe (Frederiksberg 28.jul.1906-)

[not to confuse with writer/novelist Carlo Andersen (Frederiksberg 5.mar.1904-20.feb.1970 Skibby)]

Title Parts

[] Trio. Flute, clarinet and cello. 1930. op5
[] Jumbo's vuggevise. 3 Trombones and tuba. 1959
[] Sitofan. Ballet. Symphony orchestra
[] Dansk Wienervals. Chamber orchestra
[] Perpetum mobile, i form af Tarantella. 2 Violins and chamber orchestra
[] Violin concerto
[] String quartet
[] String trio
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