Andersen nee Bergensen, Hedwig Othilie Dagny 17.dec.1867-?10.jul.1940 Norway, Christiania (Oslo) - Oslo
pianist, harpist, she started as a pianist, 1887 studied harp with Wilhelm Posse in Berlin, she played harp in the orchestras of the Christiania Theatre and 1899 of the Nationaltheatret Oslo, 1898 she toured Norway with her husband, 1925 she was engaged to the music festival in Stockholm, her obituary appeared 11.jul.1940 in the Oslo Aftenposten and the same year her husband sold the house in Oslo and moved to Fetsund ; daughter of military officer Hans Bergersen (Norderhov 27.nov.1826-12.jan.1889 Oslo) and Hanna Fredrikke Torkildsen ; 9.nov.1887 she married flutist Aksel Ludvig Andersen (Oslo 21.may.1864-17.apr.1943 Fetsund)

Title Parts

[] Til voxenkollen-marsch. Piano
pub C. Warmuth, Christiana, Norway 1888

[] Hjordis-Rheinlander. Piano
pub C. Warmuth, Christiana, Norway

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