Andersen, Viggo (Vigo) Alfred 21.apr.1852-29.jan.1895 Denmark, Copenhagen - USA Illinois, Chicago
flutist, 13.jun.1852 baptized at Garnisons sogn (parish) in Copenhagen, c1875 flutist in the Danish Royal Orchestra, c1885 in the Berlin Philharmonic, 4.oct.1889 he traveled from Copenhagen to New York and by 1893 had settled in Boston, 25.nov.1893 his wife and children followed, 1893-1895 he was solo flutist of the Theodore Thomas Orchestra in Chicago, he committed a dramatic suicide, when he invited 20 friends to a celebration at which he immediately shot himself, his motivation remains a mystery ; brother of Joachim

Title Parts

[] Espana. Danza espanola. Piano
pub Torres y Soler, Barcelona c1892

[] Fantasy on the Dutch National Anthem. Flute
premiered by Theodore Thomas in the Chicago Symphony second season 1893

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