Andersson (Anderson), Carl Birger 'Vackra Birger' 16.dec.1873-7.mar.1957 Sweden, Stockholm Adolf Fredrik - Uppsala
bandmaster, organist, 11.jan.1874 baptized in the parish of Adolf Fredrik in Stockholm, 1896 graduated in band conducting from the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm, studied counterpoint and composition with Gustaf Hagg, 1899-1915 conductor at several theatres in Stockholm, 1902-1927 bandmaster of the Kungliga Upplands Infanteri-Regemente 8 in Uppsala, 1916 he moved to Uppsala, 1916-1937 music teacher at the folkskoleseminariet in Uppsala, 1920 graduated in organ and as music teacher, 1955 received the Kungliga Vasaorden (Royal Swedish knight order), Vackra Birgers street in Gottsunda district in Uppsala was named after him ; son of gelbgjuteriagare Carl Erik Andersson (1840-1916) and Fanny Laura Moxen (1850-) with home and workshop on Jakobsbergsgatan in Stockholm ; 2.may.1903 in Stockholm he married Carla Henrietta Strandberg ; daughter Carla Greta

Title Parts

[] (details unknown). 10 Military marches
Associe vid Kungliga Musikaliska Akademien Stockholm 1932

[] (details unknown). Male quartets
Associe vid Kungliga Musikaliska Akademien Stockholm 1932

[] Dans pa Asen. Hambo
music Carl Anderson, arr for salon orchestra Martin Liven
pub Ed. L-A, Stockholm 1951
[this is probably not a composition by Carl Birger Anderson because he used the names Birger Anderson or Carl Birger Anderson, not Carl Anderson]

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